Intelligent Weigh Terminal

Alpha numeric Digitizer AND – TFT is a complete weighbridge solution for single weigh platform.

TFT Features:

  • 7 inch multi color TFT screen display.
  • Bigger weight font display.
  • Home screen display to show weight, menu icons, date time.
  • Strong branding with use of Logo, Header, Footer on Home screen.
  • Menu based user friendly operation, with reduced passwords.
  • At a glance view during weighment, view ticket, view report.
  • At a glance view for group of features on a screen.

Other Features:

  • Sophisticated operations powered by 32 bit ARM processor.
  • Multi step calibration, smart calibration supported by 24bit ADC.
  • High end protection against lightning and surge using improved SMPS.
  • Memory of 1 lac data records
  • RS232 communication for continuous weight transmission.
  • Pendrive dumping to get data records in softcopy.
  • Dot matrix printer connectivity using centronics / Usb port.
  • USB keyboard connectivity.
  • Menu based operation with reduced passwords.
  • Engineer login for security.
  • Better detailed colorful view.
  • Easy installation setup and its restorable backup into pen drive.
  • Field settable color themes for overall appearance.
  • Multiple SMS features for ease of weighbridge owners and clients.
  • Operator logins for 5 operators.
  • Confidential weighment, to trap unweighed passing vehicles.
  • Dynamic pre-printed setting.
  • Grain market application for rate, amount,deduction.
  • Code creation facility.
  • Vehicle type codification for standard weighment charges.
  • Email feature (optional).
  • GST taxation feature (optional).

Technical Specifications :

Processor32bit ARM Processor
Processor Clock Frequency50 MHz
Real Time ClockOn board battery backed RTC
MemoryChip based memory to save 1 lac records
Power SupplySMPS Power Supply
Input Voltage90 V to 270 V AC @ 50Hz
Protection • 750 mA Fuse for AC mains
• Input line Filter EMI –RFI supression
• Spike suppressor for input transients
• Opto Isolation of signals and I/Os for high immunity against electrical noise.
Power Consumption10 VA approx.
A to D convertorSigma Delta type with 24bit resolution
A to D Clock20 Hz
Conversion SpeedInternal 25 Sample per Second
Loadcell Excitation8 V DC currect capable to drive upto 12 LC of 350ohms input resistance
Signal Sensitivity0.3 micro volt per division of weight (unit weight)
Display7” TFT multi color
Keyboard Port101 key IBM keyboard (USB type)
USB portUSB port for connectivity with pendrive
Printer PortIsolated Centronics compatible for connecting 80 column dot matrix printer
Serial PortIsolated RS232 serial port for continuous transmission of weight.
Remote Display Port Remote display port is provided to connect external wired display (0.5” / 1” / 2.3”/ 4”).
EnvironmentOperational Temperature: 0 to 55 degree Celsius
Humidity:up to 95% RH non-condensing