Onboard System For Loaders, Excavators and Dumpers

Dimension & Weight Measuring Instruments

Digiweigh Pvt. Ltd. offers an Excavator Weighing System. This can be fitted to wide range of wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, LHD load haul dumps and/or ADT articulated dump trucks. The professionally managed company, incorporated in the year 2002 is engaged in the weighing automation activities. It offers a complete range of products such as in-motion weighing systems, on board weighing systems and other weighing automation from design through implementation to operation and customized product development. It develops rugged, simpler yet most accurate weighing and monitoring systems for various industries.

Our loader weighing system can be fitted to wide range of product category. Wheel loader/ Compact wheel sloader/ Backhoe loader/ LHD load haul dump/ ADT articulated dump truck.


  • Real time bucket tip off.
  • Fast data processing.
  • Blending program.
  • Vehicle plastic number and individual Axis weight loading.
  • Large display.
  • Touch screen with intuitive icons for complete incretion.
  • Data scratch Engine.
  • Multi task loading.
  • USB data transfer.
  • I pot payload management software.


  • Production monitoring and control.
  • Prevent overload and safeguard tire wear.
  • Display transported quantity and cost per ton evaluation.
  • Loading machine production monitoring.
  • Monitoring of loading/unloading cycle times.
  • Optimized choice of loader.
  • Facilitate loader duties by indicating required load quantity.
  • Saves time and fuel, on load correction re-runs by trucks.