Truck Weigh in Motion

The DWPL Series of In-Motion Vehicle Scale offers the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. The DWPL In-Motion Scale uses a fully welded steel structure contained within a single framework. This rugged platform is supported by four SESB Series Load Cells to weigh each axle end of a vehicle as it travels across the scale. The weighing platform is approximately 3000mm in width and 700mm in length and is constructed of smooth finish HT grade steel plate. The welded steel structure is designed with performance and longevity in mind. The extremely stiff and rigid weighbridge, coupled with four load cells, results in a higher resonant frequency allowing more efficient filtering of spurious weight signals.

Key Benefits :

  • Optimal pricing
  • Quick and trouble free installation
  • High vehicle throughput
  • Maximize operational Productivity and cost savings
  • Automatic vehicle counter and immediate indication of vehicle overload
  • Dust and waterproof wirings for easy and reliable connection
  • Gross weight, axle weights, numbers of axles, average speed can be transferred on RS232 port in any desired format.
  • Suitable for overload detection, statistic data collection, road maintenance planning etc.

Scope of Supply :

  • Fully welded platform with epoxy paint finish
  • Precise Coping frame and necessary mechanical accessories
  • 4 Alloy steel IP68 load cells
  • High Protection Junction box
  • Suitable Controller with RS 232 port connectivity
  • Cable for connection to the weight indicator

Optional Spares and Accessories:

  • Jumbo display
  • Loop
  • Loop accessories
  • IR Curtain for vehicle separation