Weigh in Motion

WIM Processor:

The W.I.M processor is the heart of the weighing equipment. The signals from the weigh platform are connected to the W.I.M processor. A high speed processor is used to process the data and to respond to the instructions from the main computer. The output of the W.I.M processor is connected to the computer. The weighing software from the computer will interact with W.I.M processor and the complete data of vehicles is recognized. The following data of the vehicles is generated

  • The total weight of the vehicle (GVW)
  • Each individual axle weight
  • Number of axle of the vehicle
  • Data and time of vehicle passed on the weigh in motion scale
  • The images of the vehicle (if cameras are used)
  • The vehicle number plate can also be recorded along with the weight data.
  • Number of vehicle passed on the weigh in motion scale
  • Speed of the Vehicle

Purpose of Weigh:

To weigh all type of commercial trucks while they are moving at speed from 1 KMPH to 8 KMPH. The weight is recorded automatically by a computer which give data of numbers of trucks passed, date and time of weighing, weight of the truck and photograph of the truck (in case camera is used)

  • The accuracy of the software is depend on various parameters, and is estimated to be better than 95% accurate under standard conditions of lighting and imaging for clearly visible and printed number plates.
  • The system can work if the vehicle is moving at less than 5km/h during imaging.
  • The estimated time for extraction is approximately 5 to 8 seconds from the time of calling the function

Software specification for WIM Indicator:

  • The software has been developed using visual basic with back Ground of MS access data base.
  • System has been modulated to give error massage if the vehicle less than 1KMPH (or) above 8 KMPH
  • Software has been design to generate weighment report automatically
  • The estimated time for finishing a single weighment translation will take approximately 15 to 20 seconds
  • Software will generate a report with extracted image of the number plate and a front image of the vehicle.