Digi Weigh Pvt. Ltd. is an organization synonymous with a comprehensive range of electronic weighing system.

A company with a dedicated research & development team that has developed a microcontroller based headwork that ensures accuracy and efficiency of the user friendly high-tech weighing system.

Digi weigh has specially engineered Electronic Weighbridge that are equipped to give detail print report and are also compatible with PCs.The microcontroller based advanced weighbridge are armed with high-tech Double Ended Shear beam and compress type of load cell. The high precision load cell, aided by sophisticated electronic and strong rugged platform incorporate reliability & accuracy in to the product catering to various fluctuating requirement.

DIGI WEIGH weighbridges abiding by the standard of the Weights and Measures Department have set international standards in road weighbridge. Today DIGI WEIGH has a complete range of electronic weighbridge as 10 Ton to 150 Tones.

The sales and service network, spanning all over the country has a highly qualified and a well trained force of high profile engineers providing prompt after-sales service support to all the esteemed customers at their doorsteps.

Features of Electronic Weighbridge Software

Print out detail as below

  • User company's name, address, telephone no., etc.
  • Serial number of weighment
  • Date and time of weighment
  • Truck registration
  • Code of material
  • Net & Gross weights

Printed Report can be generated from the above information

  • Date and time wise
  • Material wise
  • Charge wise
  • Truck wise
  • Party wise

Software can be designed and developed to suit customer requirements.

Fully Portable Weighbridge

  • Self Contained Construction
  • Heavy Duty Checkered Deck Plate
  • Minimal Installation Cost
  • Completely Self Contained
  • Reliable Dual Link Suspension System
  • Designed For Easy Transportation


  • Printer
  • PC
  • Customized software
  • SMS Reports in cellphone
  • Report via Internet

Models and Capacity

MODEL CAPACITY (in Tons) Least Count (in Kg) Platform size (in meters) No. of load cells
SW60MT7 50/60 10 7.5x3 4
SW60MT9 50/60 10 9x3 4
SW100MT12 80/100 10 12x3 6
SW100MT14 80/100 10 14x3 6
SW120MT16 100/120 10 16x3 6
SW120MT18 100/120 10 18x3 6/8
SW150MT18 120/150 10 18x3 6/8
SW150MT20 150 10 20x3 8