Weighbridge Monitor (SW Indicator)

DIGI-WEIGH Electronic Weighbridge terminal is specially designed to withstand the peculiar environmental condition prevailing in the weigh cabin. The unit can operate easily at temp up to 60°C.

Intelligent Indicator (IT)

The indicator is interfaced with an IBM Keyboard for data entry which is standard and available anywhere. Hence has an advantage over feather touch type of keys/keyboard, which is custom built and has a very short life.
Thus, the Keyboard used in Weighbridge is user friendly. The terminal is equipped enough to provide detailed print ticket without using a PC (built it is also PC compatible).
The whole set is compact enough to be placed on a 3 x 2 ft. table.

Salient features of Intelligent Indicator

  • Self-diagnosis routine
  • Taring facility up to its rated capacity
  • Auto latching
  • Auto zero tracking
  • Real time clock with battery back-up
  • No disk drives, yet non-volatile memory capacity of 1000 transaction
  • Standard ASCII computer keyboard attached to the terminal for data entry
  • 16 character alpha-numeric single line LCD Display with backlight
  • Provision for a direct interface with the printer through a key board
  • RS-232 C Port for computer interface
  • Working temperature up to 60° C.
  • Humidity : 95% non-condensing
  • Mains Supply: Single-phase 230 V (+ 15%)
  • Power Consumption: 20 Watts